Tell No One

Title Tell No One
Author Halan Coben


For Dr. David Beck, the loss was shattering. And every day for the past eight years, he has relived the horror of what happened. The gleaming lake. The pale moonlight. The piercing screams. The night his wife was taken. The last night he saw her alive.

Everyone tells him it’s time to move on, to forget the past once and for all. But for David Beck, there can be no closure. A message has appeared on his computer, a phrase only he and his dead wife know. Suddenly Beck is taunted with the impossible- that somewhere, somehow, Elizabeth is alive.

Beck has been warned to tell no one. And he doesn’t. Instead, he runs from the people he trusts the most, plunging headlong into a search for the shadowy figure whose messages hold out a desperate hope.

But already Beck is being hunted down. He’s headed straight into the heart of a dark and deadly secret- and someone intends to stop him before he gets there.


“The sun was now in its death throes, bruising the sky a coiling purple and orange.”

This book is unbelievably awesome. First of all, I’d like to say that I had avoided reading it for too long until I had a chance to try it, then I couldn’t putting it down even I had a lot of work this week. Tell No One has a straightforward narration. We believed wholeheatedly about what the author tried to tell, but after that, he revealed a distrustful evidence making us reconsider our thought again and again till the end. And this is what makes the book so special for me.

“Memories, you see, hurt. The good ones most of all.”

I enjoyed Harlan Coben’s writing style so much. He surprsied me with many twists, and the whole plot was thoroughly planned. In my opinion, I do think that Tell No One is the best crime book I’ve ever read since I last picked Before I Go to Sleep in 2014. Coben successfully stuck me with the emotion that left me wanting to read crime novels again this year. And now I’m irrevocably a fan of him !

“Don’t show me paradise and then burn it down”

David Beck is a multidimensional character even though he presented the flat one for the first few chapters. After he digs into the evidences of his wife and is aware that maybe she’s still alive, the book leaps to the highest tempo because of his mind and my suspicion that craving some answers, and you have no idea how much that feeling hit my brain so many times until I promised my self I had to finish this book before midnight. Tell No One also has thrilling vibes and action scens, too, so you don’t have to worry that it will bore you to death.

After I finished Tell No One, I have to tell EVERYONE about how amazing this book is. Harlen Coben will be the first author, from now on, when I think of crime novels, I’ll pick his other books without hesitation.

4.5 stars for this mind-blowing and cunning book !

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