Crone: A Scarlet St. James Novel by Maria Mayer (Goodreads Author)

Crone by Maria  Mayer

In 1984, five Michigan youths opened a portal with intentions of toying with the dark side. The cold-hearted pack then terrorized, brutalized, and even sacrificed without conscience but ended up missing. Thirty years later, two more teens have disappeared, and Paranormal PI Scarlet St. James is called to investigate.

The town needs answers, and despite the local authorities’ best efforts, no evidence is forthcoming. To find the truth, Scarlet must work with her hunky ex, Sergeant Jack Hawk, and her current boyfriend, forensic biologist Dr. Stone Vargas. As the case picks up pace, so do Scarlet’s nightmares, in which she sees the face of a killer and feels the victims’ pain.

Scarlet comes from a line of seers, so to stop the wicked supernatural force in the darkness, she must use her faith, her powers, and her team to prepare for an inevitable showdown. A monster was set free all those years ago in the Michigan woods–and it will take all Scarlet’s strength to stop a bloodthirsty witch who waits to kill again.


According to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection – SO it must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind!

My review!

LET ME JUST SAY if this book did not scare the living shit out of me or made my worst nightmares came true it would have been a 5 star review from me – more explanations below!


The predators would soon become the prey after dabbling with a force of evil they knew little more than what the ancient book revealed.


To the Author

For a debut novel I was pleasantly surprised – my 3 star rating has nothing to do with the novel or the author, the author writing skills amazed me, I think this is an author to watch out for, she has great potential for becoming one of the best horror writers out there, but my explanation of not liking Horrors is done below *My Feeling while reading this*!

Maria – for your debut novel and giving me nightmares on the nights of 12 and 13 September 2016, I was even to scared to go to the bathroom so a standing ovation from me!

I also gave my hubby the scare off his life when I screamed the roof down on the house on a specific chapter!


My feelings while reading this: →


YAY I done it I read a horror!

I never read a horror / fantasy before out of principle as I visualize novels, so why did I read this one DO NOT ASK ME AS I CANNOT GIVE AN ANSWER!

This is almost worst when watching horror movies, I just shut down the television.

While reading this book I had all this visualizing images running through my mind I imagined things crawling up my legs and arms while reading this, I had Goosebumps the entire time, and all the time thinking THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE buried alive in a coffin GRRRR – I can just say WTF did I just read!

I really must say it again this novel scared the living shit out of me!


My 3 star rating → out of principle I do not think I will ever be able to read horrors again, but everyone must give things an try once in life and I tried BUT ALAS Horrors is not for me!


Then I see all my friends reading horrors almost every day and I think WOW!!

I wish I can be like them, my sister eats horrors for breakfast and dinner, she read almost every horror novel of famous horror writers – but that just shows you how persons differ in taste and beliefs, but I love to read the reviews of the horror books or just talk about them with my sister.




The sinful heart shall be scaled against a feather at the gates of Hell.

The story speaks to the power of fear as well as the consequences of obsession and vengeance. CRONE inspired by a decades-old Michigan urban legend, depicts the classic struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, proving once more how the indomitable human spirit can rely on the pillars of faith and family to triumph over adversity.

Tapping into our deepest fears as humans we’re reminded that we are not always safe in our own back yards, warning us that those who go looking for trouble will most likely find it.

Story baseline

I read some reviews where other readers stated they could not relate to the characters – BUT I DID – I connected to Benny Davis, the worst kind of hell lying in a coffin, alone no air nor light, just you and your imagination!

The pack, youths also known as the Unholy 5, have no feelings – they are hard-core and do not blink when killing an innocent cat or person.

The story starts where these Unholy 5 nails a Benny into a coffin, not to die, but to test the voodoo rituals

6 entered the Elmira cemetery 5 left!

Once inside the coffin →

“the pack ceremoniously replaced the lid then BAM! SLAM! Pound… pound… pound with the head of the shovel!

The Unholy 5 left him buried alive, fate his only friend.”

They left me. They really left me! Benny finally admitted. Doing his best to gut it out, despair finally trumped the gullible belief that it was only a harmless initiation.

The bitter taste of reality started to choke in his throat, his stout body cramping tighter against the confines of the pine box.

They’ll be back, any time now…

Unfortunately for Benny, nature knows no loyalty as the warmth he initially experienced waned in the frigid underground.

The pledge quickly switched gears, turning his attention to the matches, finally managing to pull the smashed book free. Counting them, only ten remained.

After what seemed like an impossible struggle, he got the first one lit. The warm, yellow glow offered a brief respite from the dark.

To his relief maggots were not embedded in his skin, nor were scores of spiders and other insects crawling into his ears and nose the way he’d imagined, if they had been there at all. Greedy for every warm, wonderful second he held the tiny matches until they burned out one by one, singeing the tips of his thumb and index finger.

NOW imagine lying in a dark coffin, the only sounds being of insects crawling into the coffin, you have 11 matches, you need to use them sparsely, it is dark you do not know what you are hearing is imaginary and you cannot see what is crawling over your body!

It had all come down to choices. Benny’s worst fears became reality, his thoughts centering on regret. He had been too trusting and foolish, choosing to step willingly toward his own suffocating death chamber.

The lit matches used up much of what precious little oxygen remained.

Things were after Benny, chewing noisily through the pine.

Just then, a sliver of light found its way through the gloom, Benny remembered God! Why didn’t he think of that before? He knew a ton of prayers growing up Catholic…he just couldn’t think of one.
Whoosh…thud! Whoosh…thud! Scratch…Scratch…Scratch. Benny was dreaming. He was hallucinating, had to be. It couldn’t be real.

Benny choked out his final breath, helpless to stop the long, dagger-like nails from digging into his flesh. Raspy cackles rang out as she gauged and gnashed at the terrified pledge. Then his world, one that will be worse off without him, went black.

Benny’s missing body was a jarring dose of reality. The boys knew they used him for the sacrificial ritual, hoping to tap into the ultimate dark power.

NOPE not the end of the book just the beginning – that is what I am going to leave you with


A few paragraphs / quotes → I loved

On a cold, downward spiral, devoid of emotion the snowball is unstoppable until it runs its unpredictable course.

Nobody is born a monster, but given the right circumstances teenage years can be the breeding grounds in forming one.

“There are times when it takes more strength to let go than to hold on. Your heart will help you distinguish between the two.” MTM

Epilogue! →

What happened to the unholy 5 – READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!

DVBBS & Jay Hardway – Voodoo…

Recommend to the following type of readers: →
Lovers of Horrors!
Over 18 etc.

Why my rating?→


P&M Blog = Book Monsters:


A BIG Thank you to the author for ARC! 😀

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