Marie’s World by Joe E. Legend

Marie's World by Joe E. Legend


An Unwanted Triangle
A Simple Job
Love, Dance, Wrestling


Well I do not know why authors send me covers to lust over – naughty authors wink

Bon Jovi – This Ain’t A Love Song…


I have a friend that says this a lot to me apparently I need a lot of reminders I need to add, 😀 and I am a stubborn person

“What plan?” The words slipped out of her mouth.
“Don’t do that,” he muttered.

LOL now I am going to get into lots of trouble 😀 but alas you just need to love me 😉

Chapter 1

ME SOLD 😉 – like I say I am a fist chapter lady – Okay and I must confess I am an ear whisperer type of lady – it’s like – okay let the panties drop blush

“You only gave me a part of what I want,” Perthlin whispered in her ear, leaning close. His breath danced across her cheek.

Bon Jovi – Lie To Me…

His aftershave brought a warmth up inside her making her breathless. She almost fell to the floor. Her tongue glued itself to the top of her mouth when his hand reached out, grazing her stomach.

“We need to start working out the plan. My brother has ways of disarming us. I can’t afford to be caught this time.”

“You know the secret meeting I had with you before I came back. I don’t think it can work, not with us working together.” Marie hinted at something that tied her insides in knots. Especially when another smile spread itself over his face… and it wasn’t a warm one. She swallowed hard.

“I’m tired of being his lap dog.”

Perthlin spoke with such a soft voice she felt it wrapping itself around her to make her feel safe. His hand stroked her chin. Her lips parted a little on instinct.

“We can’t be together if he has the power to destroy our lives.”

“Maybe… it’s…” Marie couldn’t force herself to finish the sentence. The words caught in her throat. She closed her eyes so that she couldn’t see the disappointment in his eyes. If she saw that look there, she would shatter into a million pieces.

“I never loved you, Perthlin, I loved the danger of being with you,” His jaw tightened. He pulled her against his side and forced her to look at him. Anger and lust filled the depths of his eyes.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, my dear.” He thrust her away.

Very dangerous words for a married women telling a man that she actually does love a sentence like this – I am sure now it is going to be a hell of a ride! Let’s see who wins the love hate relationship!

Type of Characters and my choices according to pictures :
Marie – dancer, hard headed, beautiful


Perthlin (the panty whisperer wink)


Harold the very annoying husband!


Chapter Development

OH note her hubby is so clueless 😀 A note from him:

Morning, my sweet,

wonderful, beauty. When you awake, I’ll be at work. You’ll find fresh clothes on the end of the bed. Perthlin will be waiting for you downstairs. He has some errands I need you to complete for us at WWIC and of course, we need to get you into the gym. You’re starting to let yourself go. I shall see you at dinner, make sure to wear something slinky. You know how I love to see that tight round bottom of yours.


“Sweet really isn’t something you can do well, Harold.” Marie dropped her note onto the floor.
“Morning, sweetie.” Perthlin commented. His voice seemed so lighthearted when he spoke those words.

OMG Perthlin stop it you are going to break up a marriage – BUT alas you cannot mend what is already broken!

Relationship development


Why are you with her? Why are you trying to do this with me?” she asked. “I don’t know. I haven’t been able to get you out of my head,” he confessed.

“How can you not know?” she asked. Perthlingrowled.

I Have a hot spot for growling men.

As you read above Marie and her husband does not share the same love for each other – then Perthlin is like a worker in their home available when her husband was not, and that was more than should be!

A few paragraphs I loved


When it came to understanding both the wrestling and the dance world, she knew one thing made her friends stand up higher than the wrestlers she had met. Dancers could hold their alcohol better than those who wrestled in Harold’s company. The moment the sounds of the country’s soothing sound ended, Marie’s head bounced when Becky G rushing out of her speakers

Bon Jovi – Letting you go…

Dear Diary,
Welcome back to my crazy life, sitting on the balcony while Harold does more work in his office. I’m starting to wonder why he fought so hard to bring me back here and I’m planning to find out. Perthlin got entangled with Miaha. I found that out for certain! I forgot how useful social media can be. What the hell was he thinking? I’m going to have to get the girls together to push her out. Miaha has a way of poisoning people. No one around here knows how to handle her. I can understand why she has latched herself onto Perthlin. She wants Harold, not poor Perthlin.
Harold is too caught up in me to see it coming and after all she is an easygoing gold digger. There is no way that she will set off his alarms. She doesn’t like to put too much work in. It makes sense to me now, why she was in Aberdeen. She was scouting to see what Perthlin did or better yet, what the connection between us was. I forgot how wise and smart she is. Being here always makes me think of Derek…. Got to go. The tears are back.

Epilogue! →


The whole room froze. Everyone wanted to know what she was going to do. The answer was in his eyes. Was it the one in his heart?

OKAY that is before the author kill me – I quoted her whole book – so Alas sorry about that 😀

My song for this book:

Recommend to the following type of readers: →
Over 18 etc.

Why my rating?→
Don’t be foolish read the book!!!!


Will I read it again?→

My feelings while reading this: →


To the Author
Excellent book well written – standing ovation from me!


ARC Received via GR AUTHOR for honest opinion

P&M Blog = Book Monsters:

Time to put on my reading glasses


A BIG Thank you to the author! 😀

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