Black-Winged Tuesday by Alicia Rayn (Goodreads Author)

Black-Winged Tuesday

Unlucky in life, twice as unlucky in the after-life? When Tuesday dies and becomes a guardian angel, he’s sure his luck has turned. Little does he know he’ll have to face were-beavers, old sweethearts, archangels, and even Lucifer himself. Nevertheless, Tuesday’s death may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

According to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection – SO it must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind!
SO Herewith my review!


Sometimes Good and Evil aren’t so well well-defined…sometimes you can’t really pick!

Sarah Mclachlan – In The Arms Of The Angel…

Chapter 1

The entire scene looked as if he’d opened a jar labelled “black hole”
“At least you went out with a bang,” voice said from Herman’s left
He turned to see a grey-clad figure standing about ten feet from him right word to describe what a semi-transparent being did when looking down from the clouds

“I am a Neutral,” the young man responded. “Neutrals like me escort people like you once they’ve…. passed. It’s my job to get you to the judgement chamber”

Michael Bolton – A Time For Letting Go…

Type of Characters and my choices according to pictures :

Relationship development

What really makes this book is the character of Price, who is not evil enough to be nasty, but not good enough to be dull either.

Chapter Development
Herman has never had good break on a Tuesday, so he’s not particularly amazed when he finds himself killed on a Tuesday in a very well written manner.

When he awakens in heaven he is finds out he has to indicate to be Good, Bad or Neutral and because he always believed of himself as decent, he selects that button and finds himself the guardian angel of poor unlucky Charlie.

Herman chose to be a good guardian angel

He finds himself at a bit of a complex love three-way relationship of sorts with an Archangel and Lucifer

But the life after death offers him a chance to alter everything, or so is his expectations. Selecting the Good button, rather than Neutral or Bad, he’s off on his primary task, Charlie. He encounters his alter Angel, who is Bad – and his roomie

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – What A Wonderful World (Meet Joe Black)…

A few paragraphs I loved

“That’s when we decided to retire her,” Oscar said.

“How do you retire someone if they’re not willing”

Ernest smiled, and Oscar laughed outright “You throw them a retirement party,” We got is all set up for a Friday afternoon-balloons, cake, the works.

“Worked like a charm. She was confused most of the time anyway.

She packed it in and went to live with one of her sons”

Epilogue! →

The story ends with a CLIFFHANGER – I FREAKING HATE CLIFFHANGERS – MEANING I would need to read it again to get the storyline again, and I read to many books to remember the whole book!

Recommend to the following type of readers: →
Over 18 etc.

Why my rating?→
Don’t be foolish read the book!!!!
Will I read it again?→
My feelings while reading this: →

To the Author
Black-Winged Tuesday is hysterical, bold, rationally and sexually arousing, and highly creative.
To the Author standing ovation from me!

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