The Makings of a Fatherless Child by Chandler Alexander

The Makings of a Fatherless Child by Chandler Alexander

Title The Makings of a Fatherless
Author Chandler Alexander


Chandler Alexander’s The Makings of a Fatherless Child is a dark and riveting tale of a young boy, Amel River, growing of age in the Mississippi Delta all while trying to survive a broken home, poverty, father-less-ness, and a voice in his head that won’t go away. With the wisdom of a drunken stranger King Lee, the unspoken love of his best friend Sea’Sea, and the innocent eyes of his two-year-old nephew Javion, Amel embarks on an unknown journey of truth, understanding, and forgiveness, hoping that his journey will lead him to experience his ultimate definition of freedom, a life worth living.


ARC received for an honest opinion

According to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection – SO it must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind!


Before I start this review – I must say this book reminded me of the Green mile so I am going to use as my theme, and even the way Amel spoke reminded me of this fact!

In this review I am not going to do my own review I am going to extract out of the book – as I cannot put in words to describe how I am feeling!

A struggling mother

Where the emotions of life are exaggerated, promises are broken, and the thought of reason never explained; causing the perpetual cycle of fatherless children to suffer
Imagine living in a world where the makings of a man lives within the essence of his eyes

Where the barrenness of his soul is concealed by dark blackened frames of cowardliness influence, embodying the lack of courage to achieve and chase after life, and of course dreams, the ultimate self-fulfilling-prize.

Imagine living in a world where the souls and minds of the young die way too soon

Where trying to go against the odds perceives you as being a negative castaway, an uppity chicken, and a “greater than thou,” money laundering fool
Imagine living in a world where this kind of life is a reality.

Well look about yourself, open your eyes and mind, because this is the world that surrounds both you and me.




It’s been ten minutes since the guards escorted me to the main interrogation room just outside of
Zone 13.

Before I left my cell, six guards made sure that I was fully secured in hand and foot shackles.
The system branded me as an imminent threat and danger to society, or as the prosecutor stated

“A text book psychopath”.

I remember the spring of my thirteenth year of existence like it was yesterday.

Type of Characters and my choices according to pictures :





Baby Sister

Chapter Development

My lawyer reached out to me three days ago telling me that a young writer, who heard my story somewhere, wanted to write a book about my life.
So let his story be unfolded! →

Baby Sister usually called me “boy” or “mane” except for when I was in serious trouble, then my name was back to being Amel, only in a more severe tone.

Javion started to cry loudly as I watched Melo and Baby Sister Fight! Even at the age of thirteen, I was a good uncle to Javion. I fed him, kept him, changed him, and
Intentionally saved him from seeing the daily boxing matches that I wished I didn’t witness myself.
I knew that if Melo was having sex or sharing a needle with anyone, those people would also be sentenced to death like her.

I gotta fuck these niggas in order for me, you, and Javion can eat. Those shoes and clothes on yo feet and back, I bought that. Those pig feet you ate this morning, I bought that. Hell I am 15 and doing more than she is doing.
That motherfucker don’t love you or that baby. Just look at you, always running to him and his family.

“I got HIV,” Melo replied with a cracking voice trying to hold the tears in. She knew that life had sentenced her to death at the age of 16.
“Shake, look at me,” Melo silently screamed, irritated that I was so dismissive about her situation.
“I’m sick,”
Then Melo started to cry.


I finished my poem and sat quietly on the steps. I knew that at that moment most kids my age were outside playing while I sat there on the back steps of my house deep in mature thoughts, trying to search for peace within my family household. As I stood up, I let out a big sigh, trying to rid myself of any negative energy that I might have had from Baby Sister and Melo altercation. I then started to think back on the day Baby Sister found out that Melo was pregnant and how upset she was. I remembered Baby Sister telling Melo that she had to get out before the baby was born because she could not afford to feed another mouth. But things changed once she saw Javion’s sweet face for the first time, accepting

Two years passed. I was now fifteen and somehow found myself all along with Baby Sister. I was no longer the little boy everyone once knew. All that I had ever known as a mother and father was gone along with my innocent and hopeful eyes.

As for Baby Sister, my relationship with her was slowly reaching the point of no return, like her and Melo relationship started to turn when she was 15 but worse. Baby Sister was starting to act erratic towards me for no reason, often throwing heavy and dangerous objects at my head, trying to stab me with knives, and even going to the extreme of putting an unloaded gun to my head and squeezing the trigger to hear its emptiness.


POEM → I loved
Thomas Newman: The Green Mile…


Only God knows the depths of a young soul that understands life before it is meant to be understood

When good seems to be evil and evil seems to be good broken, stupid, alone and confused

Am I all that you think of me or Am I all that of a fool

Oh God bless me and my family in the times of pure despair

When no one seems happy and no one seems to care.

Sometimes I want to go far, far away and run

But I only stay for the sake of my nephew, for he needs me, my little Champ Javion.

All will be greater in due time, but will that time come soon enough.

Please bless us all with patience God, when times get too tough.

Epilogue! →
Let me just say I never thought this book will bring me to tears and shake me up like any other book I read before

Coffey On the Mile (HQ)…

Recommend to the following type of readers: →
Over 12 etc.

Why my rating?→
I loved the book but there is some grammar errors which I understand as this is the way the characters spoke – but in some places it made it hard to understand the sentences

Will I read it again?→
Not soon but I will

My feelings while reading this: →
WOW – no words to describe how I felt after I finished this novel

To the Author
This is the authors debut novel – I will most certainly read more of her books – the message in this particular novel is deep – but it once again made me realize there is people with bigger problems in the world than me!

Thank you for the fantastic read you gave me Chandler xxxx ♥

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