What Is Past Is Dead by Mohammed Massoud Morsi

Please support new authors – we do not always know it but this is their life and their only income and he loves what he is doing but will not be able to do it without our help!

From the bottom of my heart

Now dear author – I do not want to be negative but I did not expected to cry – and it is Sunday and I am a really ugly crier all red nose – now I look like Rudolph the red nose rain dear and I need to go to work tomorrow

And for you this is what helps me when I struggle and I know you can so do not stop!

“He who who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right”
― Confucius

What this little gem reminded me of – there is some people than greater struggles than me and I forget that the world is one cruel place – my thoughts are with you and everyone in your country suffering

To the author – thank you for gifting me with such a wonderful read!


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