The Recession Groom by Vani


Title The Recession Groom
Author Vani
Romance Humor


Parshuraman Joshi, 27, handsome, Hindu-Brahmin, IT Professional, settled in Canada, earns a high-figure salary.

These are credentials that would make any young man hot on the Indian wedding market, so it’s no wonder that Parshuraman’s family is inundated with matrimonial proposals. While so far all attempts to ‘settle’ him have gone kaput, he has bigger issues vexing him – such as Jennifer, his ‘fireball’ of a colleague, and their efforts to save Project Infinite. To top it all, as the credit crisis grips the global economy, the little world he’s created for himself begins to fall apart. Will he be able to pull himself together to face the challenges posed by a tough economy? More importantly, will this Recession Groom be able to find his ‘perfect partner’?


The Recession Groom by Vani first novel:

According to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection – SO it must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind!

Herewith my review!

The Recession Groom…

Prologue OR Chapter 1

The language is spotless, the characters are well etched, the interchanges are written with a lot of consideration!
Tum Ho – Rockstar…

Type of Characters and my choices according to pictures :
Parshuraman Joshi, 27, handsome, Hindu-Brahmin, IT Professional, settled in Canada, earns a high-figure salary.


Relationship development

The characters in the story, specifically, Aunt Parvati, her offspring Tia and Ana, Ragini, Parshuraman, Bill, Jennifer, Tara, Uncle Ravi are all realistic folks with quirks and quirks that make them precise normal. And they add an special effect in this nova!

The story keeps moving on smoothly. There is no position in the book that seems unnatural. It is as if you really are witnessing a slice of somebody’s life.

From the smooth highways of Canada, to the bouncy car journeys in India, the book diaries a journey of an Indian unmarried man, who is constantly by his relations to get hitched?

Parshuraman Joshi is a Punjabi Brahmin with ancestries in Chandigarh. He readings and works in the USA. He is rather under the thumb of his bossy aunt, Parvati, who has nurtured him. He is 27, receiving well and suitable for matrimonial.
His sister Ragini and aunt Parvati try to surpass each other in looking for a flawless adolescent for Parshuraman.

Chapter Development
My personal favorites where the characters of Tia and Ana, and the police pursuit!


Mora Piya (Full Song) – Raajneeti…

A few paragraphs / quotes → I loved
India Today: Author Vani wanted to appeal to the popular reader base with her debut novel

Hindustan Times: ‘The Recession Groom’ is a roller-coaster journey
Epilogue! →

Vivo Por Ella………Andrea Bocelli e Laura Pausini…
Recommend to the following type of readers: →
Over 18 etc.

Why my rating?→


Will I read it again?→

My feelings while reading this: →
I will Highly recommend this noval! This is Vani’s debut novel hard to believe is absolutely amazing
To the Author
My standing ovation – well done my friend 😀
The Recession Groom by Vani is the first book I read of hers and hopefully not the last! 😀

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