Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre





To Allesandra – This is my first novel of yours that I read, of your work, and wow it most certainly won’t be the last!!
It was an incredibly beautiful love story! The author took her time in bringing these two people together, but the journey along the way was nothing short of Hollywood dirt beautiful!
This is where the Hollywood heartthrob Cole Masten meets the spitfire Southern girl Summer Jenkins and did the sparks fly.

This book made me laugh a lot! It was written in a manner where you can experience the attraction building, the depth of both characters unfolds wonderfully! There were secondary characters who we want to learn about but they never overtake the main story.

This book made me laugh a lot! I just couldn’t put it down and when I had to all I could think about was how much I wanted to pick it back up again and read some more. If at first you do not feel the book just keep going it will be worth your while, in the end you will scream with joy and happiness the real Hollywood style 😉

Alessandra Torre

Thank you for writing an excellent entertaining NOVEL

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