Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians by Mark Caney

Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians

Title Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians
Author Mark Caney
Fantasy Animal


People have often wondered if we are the only intelligent life in the universe — well we’re not, and they’ve been here all along.

Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians is a novel set amongst the lives of the other major civilization inhabiting this planet: the dolphins. The book is aimed at adult readers, but will appeal to young adults (teenagers) too.

Dolphin culture evolved over millions of years so that they could remain perfectly attuned with their world, Ocean. Unlike man, they have created an almost utopian society without feeling the need to manipulate their environment, collect possessions or wage war. But the growing pressure of man’s activities become intolerable and in frustration one faction seeks an aggressive new path. They make a shocking departure from the Way — the ancient philosophy that has guided them so well through the millennia.

Sky, a male dolphin close to becoming an Initiate in the Way, unwillingly finds himself caught up in the violent consequences. To save the lives of his closest friends he will have to risk the worst punishment his clan can inflict and must decide between the two females who challenge everything he believes in.


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16 YEARS → can read this book!


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“If our Oceans die, we die”

Past weekend I read Mark Caney’s volume Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians and it was AMAZE-Balls!

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Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians is a piercing observation about the state of our biosphere and how our lack of response to environmental issues is touching other species.

But this is a charming coming of age story set in the sea.

The dolphins were released to Born free just in time as much longer in the pool and they would have died.

Dolphin ethos developed over zillions of centuries so they could remain flawlessly familiar with their sphere, the Ocean.

Unlike man, they have fashioned a virtually ideal civilization without feeling the need to influence their atmosphere, collect belongings or battle.

Sky, a male dolphin reluctantly finds himself wedged up in the vicious moments. To save the lives of his closest friends he will have to risk the worst retribution his clan can inflict and must decide between the two females who challenge everything he believes in.

This is a book one of those this writer created worlds so different from the world we live in.
Mark Caney is one of those novelists that blow me away! He has fashioned a whole civilization that includes an art, music, and literature, makes up a fully developed society.

As silly and soppy as it sounds, Dolphin Way was clearly written with a lot of heart and ambition. Caney is clearly enthusiastic about his book’s subject matter. In fact, part of why I loved Dolphin Way so much is that it reads exactly like a great SF novel.

Mark has clearly done a load of investigation and has completely done fairness to these bright, erudite mortals.

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I one day read a comment!!!!!!!!!

That dolphins rape each other?

I had to do some investigation on the matter as surely that can be either a fact or not, it is a actually not a proved fact!!!

But A MYTH read the rest of my review, they use this type of encounters to ensure reproduction, which was developed over millions of years!

The “Dolphin Rape” Myth

Google the term “dolphin rape” and you’ll find countless references to male dolphins raping female dolphins, males raping other males, gang rape, and even dolphins raping humans.

You might even find this hoax webpage claiming that dolphins regularly kidnap swimmers and take them to a “rape cave.”

Head over to Google Scholar, however, and you will find exactly zero references to “dolphin rape” in the scientific peer-reviewed literature.

The reason for this discrepancy is quite simple: the term rape cannot be used to describe the kinds of behavior scientists have observed in dolphins

Let me explain what I observed with my studies, see look for facts before making statements

Sexual Coercion:

Sexual Coercion is a term describing a suite of behaviour’s observed most frequently in the bottlenose dolphins of Shark Bay Australia and Sarasota Bay Florida.

Individuals or groups of males use a variety of coercive tactics to increase their chances of mating with females.


Do not make ASSUMPTIONS if you do not have FACTS!

If we find a mutual conversation I will talk to you about it !


OK now the fun part in the dolphin society you get – Pirates, like real life dolphin pirates almost like captain Jack

Male Pirate dolphins steal female dolphins – and then hide her away from the rest of the world!

The Pirate dolphins video- Promiscuous Dolphins…


Sometimes these males begin the consort ship by herding (i.e., chasing and corralling) the female, although other times the female appears to enter the consort ship willingly. These males sometimes use aggressive behaviour to keep the female close to them and to fend off rival males, and it’s during these consort ships that mating takes place.

To the Author
” BEST ” Wild Dolphin Encounter at Sussex Inlet, Australia….…





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