Collide by Riley Hart


Collide (Blackcreek, #1)



M/M Romance

This is my 3rd M/M romance, and so far I love this new genre.

This is also my first read for this author and she did not disappoint with this book, she created complex story and interesting characters.

Noah grew up moving around constantly, but finally felt like he had found a home in Blackcreek, when ten-year-old Noah and Cooper collide trying to catch a football, they end up best friends. Noah’s parents suddenly move out of town in the middle of the night, and Noah and Cooper loses contact for 17 years.

Seventeen years later though, Noah returns to Blackcreek, when his car breaks down he literally collides again with Coop when Coop hits him with his truck.

Cooper Bradshaw or Coop is the sexy straight firefighter who has never done commitment
Noah, an ex-serviceman and admittedly gay, has returned to the home of his happiest childhood memories, running after his partner cheated on him. Noah wants to open a shop to sell the furniture he makes.

Coop is ecstatic to see Noah and resume their friendship, but Coop can’t quite get his head around the fact that his former best friend is gay, but as their friendship grows so does the feelings they share towards each other, each step of Coop’s discovery that he bisexual was done with baby steps, so that the growing relationship between the men is totally believable.
I love the possessiveness and jealousy they both felt:

“You touch me again, and you won’t have a choice. You’ll me mine.”

Overall a great m/m romance that I can recommend to new m/m readers 😀


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