All Night with a Rogue by Alexandra Hawkins



Trailer for All Night With a Rogue by Alexandra Hawkins

Hot extractions out of book added which I think under 18 should not read!


Type of Characters and my choices according to pictures :

TRUE rake – Alexius aka SIN The rogue and his fellow “Lords of Vice” are precisely ONE of the wicked bachelor’s and let’s face it, many females are always tempted by bad boys.


Ms. Hawkins better known as Juliana or “tree sprite or lybbestre”

Relationship development


Bold and erotic!

Chapter Development

Set in London, 1820. Alexius Lothar Braverton, Marquess of Sinclair, is identified as Sin to his associates.

His half-sister, Belle, tells Sin that Lady Juliana is a callous chit who is strong-minded to rip-off her suitor, Lord Kyd, away. Belle initiates Sin to seduce the girl and then cast her aside. AND OUR Sin is happy to oblige.

He neither wonders, nor cares, if Lady Juliana is the emerald Belle claims. As with the many ladies he has bedded in the past (giving all a string of pearls), Sin only comprehends Juliana’s beauty and marks her as his next conquest.

Lady Juliana Ivers sees only too well that her family’s station in polite civilisation had plunged substantially since her father, the Marquess of Duncombe, pass on five years ago. The title now belongs to a cold cousin. Her mother has taken Juliana and her two older sisters to London in hopefulness that one of them will marry well.

Then we meet Sin he is one of the rogues that all mothers know to keep their daughters far away from them. Yet as Sin begins paying close devotion to Juliana, BUT her mother do not seem to object!

As for Lady Juliana, she had her eyes on Sin since she had been trapped in a tree while he and another lady had a almost tryst.

A few paragraphs / quotes → I loved
Pointer 1

London, May 27, 1820


Juliana’s – In a tree hiding: →
SEDUCTION WAS NOT foremost in Lady Juliana Ivers’s thoughts. However, the same could not have been said for her escort, Mr. Engelheart. The moment she had agreed to step out onto the upper garden terrace with him, her amiable supper companion at Lord and Lady Lettlecott’s prestigious ball had turned into a lecherous, brutish knave.

Juliana’s forehead furrowed in puzzlement. The woman’s voice sounded dreadfully familiar.
He moved stealthily, like a well-fed predator in his prime.

For a few minutes, the only sounds were breathy gasps and moist sucking sounds of fervent kissing, the amorous lady below was her hostess, Lady Lettlecott. She did not recognize the lady’s companion, but he was not Lord Lettlecott.

“Catch me if you dare,”
“I have been waiting all evening for this,” the woman purred.

“Half the fun is the chase,” the man said, his low, smooth tones trailing down Juliana’s spine like phantom fingers. He clasped his companion’s wrist, drawing her up so that her breasts were flush against his chest.

“You are so wicked, Sin. If I had any sense, I should leave that preening cock you are so proud of stiff and aching.”

“Besides, I doubt you want an audience when we fuck.”

“Or maybe you do,” the man chuckled

“There was a time when you claimed that you liked it best when I used my hands on your flesh,” the countess said, edging close enough so that her skirts brushed his knee.

Lady Lettlecott slowly moved into the V created from Sin’s outstretched legs. Wordlessly she knelt down between his legs so her upturned face was inches from the buttons adorning the front of his trousers.

“Perhaps a demonstration is in order, my lord.” Her hands lovingly stroked the intimate contours on display.

Until the fragile white plume landed on the top of the countess’s dark tresses. Even in the moonlight, it was a stark beacon. Juliana held her breath.

She mentally willed the plume to catch another breeze and disappear into the inky blackness of the ground.


Any hope she harbored was dashed when Sin’s fingers moved from his lover’s shoulder to the lady’s hair. To the traitorous plume. His shoulders stiffened as he held up the feather, rubbing the light down between his fingers as he wordlessly contemplated its origins. Then without warning, Sin tipped his head back and stared directly into Juliana’s troubled gaze.

Was she spying for Lettlecott? Alexius immediately discarded the idea.

He should have stayed in the card room.

Fortunately, his mercurial nature sensed a new game was afoot, and he openly embraced it.
Alexius looked up and wide, solemn eyes met his stare. He grinned up at her, calculating the possibilities of his good fortune.

Alexius helped Abby to her feet. Abby looked startled. “What is this? You have not—we have not—”

“Alas, there is no time.”

With his hand firmly on her elbow, he led her away from the tree. “We have tarried too long. I thought I heard someone call your name from the upper terrace.”

The first hint of fear flashed in Abby’s eyes. “Why did you not speak of this sooner?”

His smile was unapologetic. “I was distracted.”

The countess muttered an unladylike curse as she reassured herself that her dress and hair were in place. “Remain here. It would be unseemly if we both appeared to be taking air in the gardens.”
Abby kissed him quickly on the lips. “I look forward to our next meeting.”

Even in the varying levels of shadows, the gleam in his eyes seemed like an unspoken challenge. No longer concerned about the noise she might make, Juliana tried to scoot down the tree trunk before he reached her, only to remember that her skirts were caught on the shoots and branches.

“Well, well, it isn’t every day that I encounter a tree sprite,” Sin drawled, bracing a palm against the slanted trunk that held her prisoner. His amusement was palpable.

Juliana impatiently blew the strand of hair obscuring her vision. “You know very well that I am not a tree sprite.”

“Or mayhap you are a lybbestre. Tell me, my lady: is it true that moonlight is the source of your power and beauty?” Oh, the scoundrel, as Lady Lettlecott named him, was thoroughly enjoying himself on Juliana’s behalf.

Pointer 2 Now Sin gave every encounter a string of pearls:
Not let me tell you I never knew pearls is so enticing *wink*
“Hush.” Sin nipped the pearl dangling from her earlobe. His breath teased her ear as his hands curled around her upper arms. “You are gracious to keep my secrets. Nevertheless, I believe our first meetings have given you a false impression with regard to where my true interests lie.”

Juliana’s heart stumbled in her chest at the notion that Sin desired her, even though she believed that he was spinning pretty tales to gain what he wanted. “I have tarried here too long. Maman—”
“Knows you are in capable hands,” Sin said, a touch of humor lacing his voice. “I wager that you are no longer cold.”

Juliana turned her face to the side, inadvertently giving his lips access to her cheek. “The fire—”
“Will not satisfy you,” he said simply, drawing them both down until they were on their knees. He widened his parted thighs so her bottom was snug against the apex of his trousers. “It cannot make you burn from within.”

She felt the fullness of him as his hips gently undulated against her bottom. The subtle movement sent an electrical current of anticipation racing up her spine while every nerve in her body responded to his unspoken demand. Juliana closed her eyes against the foreign, overwhelming sensations his proximity was triggering.

“Please. No more,”

The statement was so absurd, Juliana temporarily forgot about her own fears. “Surely you jest, my lord.”

With candlelight shining in his eyes, his gaze held a calculating intensity that she had never beheld in their previous encounters. “No, I do not believe I am,” he said, cupping her face in his hands. “I sensed that you were trouble the moment I opened my eyes and saw you peering down at me from the Lettlecotts’ hazel tree.”

How was she troublesome? The man pursued women the way a hungry cat chased after a fishmonger’s cart.

“Well, I think you are the most aggravating gentleman I have ever encountered.”

He kissed her sweetly on the mouth to silence her. “You are not alone in your opinion.” Sin gave her arms a playful squeeze. “Here now. Up you go.”

Juliana frowned as Sin pulled her onto her feet. His abrupt shift in temperament made her head spin. “What game is this?”

“No games, my lady.” To her embarrassment, he smoothed her skirts until the fabric covered her ankles. “You just reminded me of a rule I rarely break.”

Sin took her by the arm and literally dragged her to the door. He was behaving as if he could not wait until he rid himself of her.

“What rule?” she asked, feeling insulted.

“I do my best to avoid messy emotional entanglements. And you, Lady Juliana, represent the worst sort.”


Pointer 3.
Blast him, Juliana thought uncharitably. He knew just the right thing to say to nudge her into accepting the pearl necklace.

She glared at him. “I am not afraid of you or your pearls.”

Sin grinned at her rebellious tone. “Reach out and take my gift. Then you can show me how grateful you are.”

Her mouth quivered at the slight edge to his words. Although he seemed eager for her to accept his gift, she could not shake the feeling that there was some hidden meaning to his invitation.

“So there is a price, my lord.” She fought to hide her disappointment from him. “What do you require?”

“Such the timid mouse. It does not suit you, lybbestre,” he chided, and then sighed at her distrust.
“A proper kiss will suffice.” A proper kiss. His request was reasonable.

Juliana closed her eyes.

“Oh, it is not quite so simple.” He laughed when her eyes snapped open, her eyes narrowed with suspicion. “You must initiate the kiss. I want to taste your passion again.”

The coach shuddered as a gust of wind shook the compartment.

Whether she liked it or not, she was trapped in the coach with Sin.

She was also beginning to believe that the marquess was toying with her. She crossed her arms and gave him a contemplative look. “Perhaps I no longer want the pearls.”

His beautiful hazel eyes gleamed with confidence.


Juliana’s lips parted in shock. “Of all the rude, arrogant—” She struggled to find the right word to hurl at him. “I am not some greedy miss who will grovel for trinkets—”

“I never said that you were, Juliana,” he replied, unperturbed by her flash of temper. The pearls softly clicked together as he admired them. “I merely called you a liar because you will want me to give you these pearls. As a matter of fact, I predict that you will beg me.”


There was an unspoken challenge in his eyes when his gaze shifted to her face. “Then kiss me, and prove me wrong.”

Although the outing had not gone according to plan, Alexius was willing to indulge his impulsive nature. Nor was he disappointed in the results. The unexpected downpour had driven Lady Juliana into his coach and straight into his arms. It was precisely where he wanted her to be. With the string of pearls clutched in his fist, he wondered how far he could push her and not have her bolt from the dry compartment. It would be tiresome if he had to pursue his lovely quarry down the muddied road.

“What game are you playing at, Sinclair?”

The pearls were indeed a game. One of many he had played with countless women. Unbeknownst to Lady Juliana, his gift of pearls was a source of amusement for certain members of the ton. Former lovers flaunted his gifts in front of current lovers, and husbands never revealed the naughty games Sin had played with them.

A game he was determined to play with her.

“Just ‘Sin,’ ” he entreated, faintly smiling at what he viewed as a private joke.

Lady Juliana laughed nervously. She wrinkled her nose in a manner that Alexius found charming.

“Oh, I do not think so, my lord.”

“It was a kiss worthy of pearls,” he murmured between kisses.

Juliana reached for the pearls, determined to end Lord Sinclair—no—rather Sin’s games.

Unfortunately, the man had mastered all games of chance and trickery. He slipped his free hand under her arm and squeezed her right breast. She yelped. There was no other word to describe surprise and wordless protest. No man had ever dared to touch her breasts.

“The pearls are not yours until I give them to you.”

She shivered at his rather odd emphasis on a single word. Juliana suspected that what Sin had in mind had nothing to do with placing the string of pearls around her neck.

Juliana had good reason to worry.

The hand on her breast followed the contour of her waist and brazenly moved down to her hip.
“There . . . there,” he said, his voice low and soothing when she tried to scramble away from his touch. He held her in place. “This will not hurt.”

Every inch of him seemed to be made of bone and thick muscle. Even with yards of skirts and petticoats as a barrier between them, she could feel the heat radiating from his body.

“W-what are you doing?” she shrieked when his questing hand seized a fistful of fabric and began inching a portion of her skirts higher. Juliana turned her face into the side of his neck. “This is highly improper.”

His throaty chuckle tickled the tip of her nose. “Yes. Nevertheless, you will like it.”

Dear heavens! He had plowed a narrow channel up the center of her skirts so that his fingers brushed her inner thigh. Her stomach tightened in response. Juliana dug her fingernails into his arm to halt his efforts.

“Sinclair . . . Sin, please,” she said helplessly, torn between fear and pleasure. He had not lied. He was not hurting her. However, the sensations his bold touch was creating were unfamiliar, overruling her curiosity. “Tell the coachman to take me home.”

Sin lightly bit down on her earlobe. “You are overwrought. That will not do.”

Sin expertly shifted her so her back sagged against his torso. “Now place your right foot on the opposite bench for support,” he coaxed, manipulating her limb as if it were his own.

“All friendships begin with a gesture of trust.” He kissed her left eyelid and then her right, casually maneuvering her to comply with his request.

She wiggled her shoulders, settling against him with her eyes tightly shut. “Most would warn that rakes and rogues are by their very nature untrustworthy fellows.”

Sin’s chest shook with a soundless chuckle. “Life would be very dull without risk. Or rakes and rogues.” He nuzzled her ear and whispered, “Think of the joy and rewards you would miss out on.

That’s it – Read the book *wink – Blush – READ THE BOOK *wink*!!!!!!!

Epilogue! →

I was in awe at the end of this novella of the author for a variety of reasons.




Even if you have not read a HR previously, you truly have to read this one, it is one of the most pleasurable reads!!!!!!!!!!!! AS THIS is sizzling HOT – HOT *oops said that already* *Wink*!

Ms. Hawkins and fantastic author – creates a story Juliana and Alexius’, better known as Sin, with a pleasingly innovative opinion. One cannot help but fall in adoration with Sin and his just as impressive friends aka the Lords of Vice.

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