Abba by Harry Edgington


Title Abba
Author Harry Edgington
Nonfiction Music


When did it start? Was it when Björn heard 17-year-old Anna singing on the radio? Or when he met Benny and they spent a night writing songs in an empty office block? Was it when Annifrid decided to leave her husband and two children and devote her life to music? Or when two young songwriters fell in love with two beautiful girl singers?

Since they won the Eurovision Song Contest, Abba have gone on to conquer the world, with every record a No. 1 hit. Behind their phenomenal success is a fascinating story of talent, luck-and love.


According to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection – SO it must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind!

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Estimates of ABBA’s worldwide sales vary from 300–400 million


The Swedish pop music group formed in Stockholm in 1972. The band name was comprised of the first letters of the member’s names: Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid (better known as Frida).


Abba – Dancing Queen…


Abba – Chiquitita…


Her ex-husband and former bandmate, Björn Ulvaeus, wrote The Winner Takes it All about the collapse of their nine-year marriage.


Abba – The Winner Takes It All…


But despite the deeply personal subject matter, the Swedish singer has revealed that the 1980 chart-topper is her favourite from Abba’s back catalogue, because of its honesty.


Abba – Fernando…



A single they wrote, called ‘People Need Love’, featured backing vocals by Agnetha and Frida and brought them some success in Japan. Stig released it as single ‘Bjorn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid’. It reached number 17 in the Swedish charts. The seeds of ABBA had been sown.




A year later, the group entered the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Ring Ring’, once again coming third.


The group’s popularity didn’t seem to wane after they broke up. ABBA continued to release compilation albums of their greatest hits, from ‘Thank You For The Music’ (1983) to their most recent, ‘The Complete Studio Recordings’ (2005).


quotes → I loved

You and I had a groovy time. But I told you somewhere down the line. You would have to find me gone. I just have to move along.
-ABBA, Another Town, Another Train

I know it doesn’t matter just how hard I try. You’re all the reason for my life. Disillusion, disillusions- all you left for me.
-ABBA, Disillusion

How can I forget you when my world is breakin’ down? You’re all I had, you’re all I want. Disillusion, disillusions now, that’s all I have.
-ABBA, Disillusion

Everybody knows that a man who’s feeling down wants some female sympathy. Gotta have love to carry on living. Gotta have love till eternity.
-ABBA, People Need Love

Somebody who loves you and somebody who cares- isn’t that what you call a friend? Gotta have love to carry on living. Isn’t it easy to understand?
-ABBA, People Need Love

I never thought I could cry for you. But, honey, I will miss you ’til the day I die.
-ABBA, I Saw It in The Mirror

We gotta have patience. Love isn’t just a sensation. Some of the time it gets rough. Love isn’t easy but it sure is hard enough.
-ABBA, Love Isn’t Easy (but It Sure Is Hard Enough)

If I would have to choose, I wouldn’t let you go. Just give it some more time and you will see. Our love will grow, darling, I know.
-ABBA, Love Isn’t Easy (but It Sure Is Hard Enough)

Though we quarreled at times and had a few fights, we were the best of friends. We found a place in the sun an’ have enough fun.
-ABBA, Me And Bobby And Bobby’s Brother

She’s just my kind of girl. She makes me feel fine. Who could ever believe that she would be mine? She’s just my kind of girl. Without her I’m blue. And if she ever leaves me, what could I do?
-ABBA, She’s My Kind Of Girl

Where is the spring and the summer that once was yours and mine? Where did it go? I just don’t know. But still my love for you will live forever.
-ABBA, Hasta Manana

Hasta manana, ’til we meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when. Darling, our love was much too strong to die.
We’ll find a way to face a new tomorrow.
-ABBA, Hasta Manana

Oh, my love, it makes me sad. Why did things turn out so bad? Was it just a dream, everything we did, everything we had?
-ABBA, Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)

Our love was a snowbird, it’s flying away. You tell me it’s over, what more can I say? So dance while the music still goes on. It’s gonna be our last goodbye.
-ABBA, Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)


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