Have Faith by Kyla Koy


****4.5 Stars****

a Taboo Tales Book Club story



I am going to try not to reveal too many details about this story as it is only 47 pages!

The next paragraphs broke my heart!

We forget that there is soldiers out there, that never have the chance to say goodbye to loved ones, while being on a mission fighting for their country


CARTER thoughts about his father: →

  • He’d been sick for years and eventually he succumbed to the illness. I’d been on a mission at the time; therefore, I didn’t even know that he had died until two weeks after the funeral, when the mission was over. You would think that I’d be numb when it came to Death after seeing so many of my fellow comrades fall to its clutches, but I wasn’t. It hurt to know that I missed my father’s last moments as well as my last opportunity to say goodbye to him. It still hurt now, sitting in the house that he built without him here.
  • I’d come to the realization right after my Dad died. I regretted so many things after I heard of his passing; not visiting him enough, not showing him that I loved him enough, all of these things that will stay with me until I die.


Type of Characters and my choices according to pictures :

Carter Kennedy

Faith Callahan


Relationship development and Chapter Development

Carter Kennedy →

After three tours to Afghanistan, he survived two land mine explosions, four bullet wounds and lost many friends, he was done with a soldier life and returned home.


But coming home was hard for him or should I quote him “it made me hard” because he had a huge crush on his stepsister since she started to develop into a woman.

I’d waited years for her. 


God, how many times did I think of her to get me through bad days – fuck, what am I saying, bad years. So many times I thought it would be my last day on Earth, huddled together with friends under the suffocating desert heat and mounds of sweat and blood, and I’d think of Faith. 

The time for pretending was over now. I’d have her if it was the last thing I fucking did. 

 The poor girl had no idea what the sight of her did to me which was why I tried to distance myself from her over the past few years.

I tried to put my feelings for her behind me, fucking my way through women just to get her sweet face out of my mind.

Faith Callahan →

Worked at Baker’s Dozen, and studied online through the local community college, still living with her mother who is Carter’s stepmom.

The first encounter after Carters return:


The last I’d heard he had been shot, and almost died, in the line of duty. I needed to feel him under my fingers. I needed to make sure that he was really here.
I wrapped my legs around his waist as he lifted me into the air, my arms going around his neck in an embrace. “You’re home,” I whispered against his neck, only to feel him stiffen in response.

Crap, maybe I was out of line. I shouldn’t be all over him like this – it was inappropriate.

Just as I loosened my locked ankles to jump down and give him some space, I was hindered by his plate sized hands grasping each globe of my buttocks, bringing me closer to him.

I drew in a ragged breath at the feel of him flush against my body. My mouth was pressed against his golden hued neck, making it impossible to decipher his expression. All I could do was feel.

And what I felt shocked me.

I am going to add some paragraphs for your entertainment but just enough to make you interested in reading the book, YA I KNOW I AM A TEASE!



I trembled at his words.

“Do you want me to make you cum, baby sis?”

Even though I’d just told him how wrong it was because of our sibling-like relationship, he still managed to put a pseudo-incestuous twist on things, and dammit if it didn’t turn me on even more. I was still achy after my lost orgasm from earlier and all I wanted to do was find relief. And having Carter here, pressing his rigid length into my swollen sex again and again and again was driving me crazy. I was about to retract my no-sex clause and have him fuck me like he had originally planned. Instead I opted for caution. I really didn’t want my first time to happen while sneaking around because my Mom was downstairs.



“What are you doing in here?” She whispered nervously, “Mom could come up at any second.” She finished, reaching for the towel. Her D sized tits bounced as she jerked the towel towards her, brushing my naked forearm. I could drive nails with my dick, I was so hard. The towel hit the floor as I grabbed her waist, lifting her out of the tub and onto the floor mat.

“Carter, I’m making a mess all over the floor. I’m serious, we can’t do this before dinner.” She leaned to the side, trying to pick up that fucking irrelevant towel, but I wouldn’t let her. Instead I turned her towards the metal towel holder and placed her hands on the sturdy rod.

“Shh,” I whispered into her ear from behind, her wet hair tickling my nose, “Mom is cooking. She won’t be up here.” Faith inhaled sharply, but didn’t argue


“That’s lovely, darling. Oh dear, you have a bit of mashed potatoes on the corner of your mouth.” Mom pointed out, dabbing at her own mouth.

“I didn’t get any mashed potatoes,” Faith said as she licked at the corner of her mouth, clearing away the white wad on her lip. I choked on the piece of ham I was chewing as I realized what it was.

“Carter, sweetheart, are you okay?” Mom’s voice interrupted, bringing me back to the present.

“Yes sorry, Mom. These potatoes are great!”

 Epilogue! →

What will their mom say about this relationship?  Can such an relationship even work?


To the Author

Now as you can imagine to write a steamy book in 47 pages that left me hot and bothered means the author done an amazing job! The best part is there’s a STORY-LINE (not just sex-sex-sex and lots and lots of Filthy dirty talk) !!!

Well this little treasure left a huge smile on my hubby’s face – so YEAH THIS 47 pages worked for me *wink* well done Kyla Koy.

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